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Unknown Facts About baking soda gender test Revealed By The Experts

You are here because you are seeking information regarding conceive baby gender naturally with baking soda gender test. What we are going to discuss here is mainly about the facts of baking soda gender test, how to do this test and basic things about baking soda gender test. By taking full advantage of reading this article you should be able to conceive your baby gender with baking soda gender test.

Dear future parents,

If you’re pregnant and anxious to find out the gender (as I was), you may find yourself resorting to various methods to satisfy your curiosity, especially if you get a limited number of ultrasounds during your pregnancy. The Pregnancy Board has been discussing on and off for the past year a particular kind of DIY gender prediction test, namely using baking soda.

Actually how to do the baking soda gender test? To do this test, please follow the instructions below :

1. What you should do is put a little bit of baking soda in the bottom of a disposable cup.

2. Then add a little bit of your urine to it.

3. If it fizzles like a soda pop, it may be a boy. If there’s no fizzle, it may be a girl.

This method was used by several members as a way to test the accuracy of their gender ultrasounds and out of 31 baking soda tests, 22 were right and 9 were wrong.  I also have tired the baking soda gender test and before anyone bites, I know its just a bit of fun and isnt 100% accurate.. but i enjoy all these old wives tales, it passes time and gives excitement .

Dear future parents,

The baking soda gender test was right for me as well, baby boy should be arriving around Easter time Another accurate test I heard of (an ultrasound place actually recommends it!) is the same test, but use Draino Crystals. If it turns yellow/brown its a boy and if its blue/green its a girl. Every gender test has a chance of being 50% right, you know? But when if you are trying to guess the sex of your baby I think this is a fun way to do it and it’s said to be pretty accurate. A friend of mine did it when she was pregnant and it said she was to have a girl. It turned out to be true.

As a conclusion, baking soda gender test is a natural way to conceive your baby gender. This test is suitable for everyone because it is easy and proven.

Dear future parents,

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